Congressman Ron Paul
The Coalition for Visible Ballots
G.Edward Griffin
Coalition Members
Bev Harris
Independent investigator and author of
Black Box Voting
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G. Edward Griffin
G. Edward Griffin
Executive Producer of the video documentary, Invisible Ballots, president of
American Media, Founder of the Coalition for Visible Ballots.
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Bev Harris
Vickie Karp
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Vickie Karp
National Chairperson
Coalition for Visible Ballots
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The Honorable
Ron Paul
Congressman from Texas,  co-sponsor of H.R. 4187 entitled "Know Your Vote Counts Act of 2004" that calls for a voter-verified, auditable paper ballot.
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William Gazecki
Angela Stark
The Coalition for Visible Ballots web site Lady.
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The Coalition for Visible Ballots is a non-partisan,
grassroots  movement of  unprecedented unity on
a single issue. That  issue is very simple:   Invisible
ballots are a bad  idea.  These  organizations  and
individuals  are  united on the  proposition  that "We at the Coalition for Visible Ballots believe that the only way to restore fair and honest elections to our country is to set aside ALL machines, including electronic of any type, touchscreen, optical scan counters--and use PAPER BALLOTS, HAND-COUNTED IN PUBLIC VIEW.
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The Coalition for Visible Ballots
The Coalition for Visible Ballots
The Coalition
Events & Activities
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How to Form a Coalition
We sell the voting machines, we program the voting machines, and we count the votes. You can trust us. Intervention Magazine Article
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Bev Harris
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The Gathering To Save Our Democracy
National Conference
VELVET REVOLUTION -- Revolution Begins at Home!
Tennessee Independent Media
The Evidence IS IN! Plus Photos!
Is this a perfect system?  No.  But as one of our foremost knowledgeable members, Bev Harris has said, elections conducted in this manner have perhaps five or six "attack vectors", whereas those conducted with electronic equipment have about 50 or 60.  Many of the expert researchers, journalists, computer programmers and security engineers, mathematicians and statisticians who have been studying this critical issue have come to the same conclusion, and we stand with them:  PAPER BALLOTS, HAND-COUNTED in PUBLIC VIEW.   Will we ever see this happen?  Maybe not.  Is it an uphill battle?  Probably.  But we will accept nothing less as a "repair" or "temporary fix" to our election systems." 

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Invisible Ballots Video

Contest the vote

Election justice Center

Velvet Revolution

Election justice Center

Alastair Thompson Scoop

OpEd News

Common Cause

Verified Voting

Sharona Merel, Co-founder
National Ballot Integrity Project
NH Ballot Integrity Task Force
Member, Democracy for New Hampshire -
Fair Elections Committee
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Victoria Collier
Daughter and neice of James and Kenneth Collier, authors of the groundbreaking book, "Votescam: The Stealing of America."
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Bob Fitrakis
lawyer and award-winning journalist and Professor of Political Science (Ph.D) AKA
"Clean Elections Advocate"
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Our Founder, G. Edward Griffin is in this new documentary
The FIX is in!!!
Watch Lynn Landes
15 minute video
11 Experts Expose the Truth in This New Book
"Hacked!" High Tech Election Theft in America
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Hacking The Vote HOW IT'S DONE
Abbe DeLozier
Political and Media Strategist for the Coalition. Co author of Hacked!
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Hand-counted paper ballots RULE!!
By Karen Renick
Why Paper Trails Won't Work as Ballot of Record Paper Ballots, hand counted, is the only answer. Anything less in an invitation to fraud. Elections will be a contest of which side can defraud the other more efficiently until we go back to paper ballots, hand counted.
Watch Coalition Members Vickie Karp and Abbe Delozier,
co authors of the new book HACKED, explain how our
voting rights are in danger. (see video above)
Contact congress:
*  Link to a very important website for ongoing information, descriptions of hacks by computer scientists, open records request data from elections and supporting documentation showing election irregularities from around the country:

*  Consider asking your state Attorney General to file litigation against electronic voting machine vendors for refunds for the costs of electronic voting equipment .  Citizens and states should be demanding refunds on this proven insecure equipment which cannot be made safe and reliable for democratic elections.
Experts' Studies on Electronic Voting
William Gazecki
Emmy Award-winning motion picture sound mixer and record producer.

Producer/Director of the video documentary, Invisible Ballots
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U.S. Representative
D. Frank Robinson Libertarian Populist
for Congress from Oklahoma
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Vickie with William Rodriguez, 9-11 hero
How to Take Action
on Holt and
Fix Our Elections
By Mark Adams
Elections can be stolen, have been stolen and will continue to be stolen! Video of Professor Steve Freeman's Power Point presentation (21:00)  given at the 2nd Annual National Latino Congreso in Los Angeles on Friday. Click here
Interpret the hand-marked paper ballots being challenged in the Minnesota Senator's Race

What Can YOU do to Save Elections?
Posted 6/08 by Vickie Karp, National Chair

G. Edward Griffin in Austin, 4/29/2008 Video
Big time defense contractor United Technologies Corp. (UTC) made public today an unsolicited $3-billion bid for Diebold. According to the NY Times, UTC initially made the $3 billion offer in private on Friday. The bid is $40 a share in cash, or a 66 percent premium over Diebold's Friday closing price of $24.12. For more see the election integrity blog . Click here This, alas, is not the defense industry's first large-scale involvement in our nation's vote-counting.

The 2004 Election Was Stolen. Finally We Have Irrefutable Confirmation. Full text HERE
Most electronic voting isn't secure, CIA expert says

Critical Evidence of Fraud Capability in Electronic
Voting Machines Compiled by Vickie Karp of VoteRescue and Coalition for Visible Ballots, 2008 click here

Computer expert denies knowledge of '04 vote rigging in Ohio Greg Gordon | McClatchy Newspapers

UPDATE: Pilot killed as plane crashes in Lake Twp.
By Jewell Cardwell, John Higgins and David Knox
Beacon Journal staff writers

Testimony of Dr. Dan S. Wallach
Texas House Committee on Elections
Interim Hearing June 25, 2008
Karl Rove case witness killed in plane crash, sisters want answers Web guru was potential witness in Ohio voting fraud case Bill Lueders 04/30/2009

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