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We will not be able to save our voting system by merely being informed or expressing alarm. It is going to take the coordinated efforts of thousands of people who are willing to take action. Don't stand on the sideline expecting someone else to do the job for you. This is your vote and your rights we are talking about. This is what you can do:
The Coalition for Visible Ballots
The Coalition For Visible Ballots
Invisible Ballots Home
Invisible Ballots Home
G. Edward Griffin Founder The Coalition for Visible Ballots
Vickie Karp is The Coalitions National Chairperson
1. Join the Coalition at There is no membership fee. Add your name to our roll call. You will be in excellent company.

2. Form a community "coalition" (that's what local units are called) with yourself and your like-minded friends as leaders. Since this is an informal organization, you can assume whatever titles you wish, but traditional titles are recommended, such as Chairman, Vice Chairman, Spokesman, or Member. Local coalitions must be chartered by the national organization with the approval of the National Chairman and the Founder. A simple letter of request-for-charter sent to the National Chairman is all that is required. The Chairman will send a charter generally within a few days of receipt.

3. Acquire a copy of the video so you can make presentations, preferably in someone's home. These should be scheduled on a recurring basis. One meeting is not enough.

4. Develop an introductory statement with points taken from the Coalition web site. Also prepare a short statement for the conclusion, at which point you will ask everyone to join the Coalition and commit to holding presentations of their own - or at least to bringing their friends to follow up presentations of yours. Our goal is to form as many community coalitions as quickly as possible. Our web site will offer suggestions for specific action agendas.

5.  Avoid having the Coalition used to promote a partisan political agenda. If this should happen, the charter will be revoked. This must remain a true, non-partisan movement with the sole aim of restoring verifiable, paper ballots to our polling places, nothing more.