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Vickie Karp
Vickie Karp is a Realtor, a writer, a speaker, an activist, and a patriot from Austin, Texas. She was first alerted to the problems with electronic voting when she heard a radio interview with Bev Harris in July 2003.  Since that time, she has been speaking on the subject to various political groups, been interviewed by TV news and local newspapers several times, and has committed to doing all in her power to stop the use of paperless voting by November 2004. Vickie is the  Chairman, of The Coalition for Visible Ballots and Board Member, Black Box VotingVickie (served on the Board of Bev Harris' non-profit, Black Box Voting, for approximately 3 years until May 2007, when she stepped off the Board in order to support the presidential candidacy of Rep. Ron Paul.
Welcome to the Coalition for Visible Ballots!  We are a group of ordinary citizens, as well as investigators, writers, computer engineers and security experts, politicians, and grassroots activists who all share something in common:  we do not trust paperless voting and we believe our democratic republic is being threatened by the use of electronic voting machines with no paper ballot/receipt for the voter to verify the accuracy of their vote at the polls!  

I encourage you to read the credentials of the founder and the other supporters of this Coalition and website and judge for yourself the  professionalism, accomplishments and integrity of each.
Welcome message from  the Chairman, Coalition for Visible Ballots
If you are new to the issue, I encourage you to click on the link to "Invisible Ballots", the excellent documentary film produced by this Coalition's founder, G. Edward Griffin, which includes information and supporting data from most of the experts on our Home Page and order it now!  Also, you should click on Bev Harris's website and order her book, Black Box Voting:  Ballot Tampering in the 21st Century, and get the story of her investigations into e-voting machines, and the incriminating data she has uncovered.

Our goal is to offer support to individuals as well as groups around the country and the world who share our concerns about paperless voting and want to exchange ideas for publicizing and taking action on the issue.

I welcome your e-mails for an exchange of ideas and information.  I hope to hear from you!


Vickie Karp (
Chairman, Coalition for Visible Ballots
Board Member, Black Box Voting
Vickie Karp with William Rodriguez hero of 9/11 and last man out of the falling North Tower of the World Trade Center, saved many lives that horrible day.

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