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Sharona Merel
Sharona Merel is an elections justice advocate,

speaker, writer, and researcher of government policy and hidden history, with degrees and certifications in Business, Communication, Media, Journalism, Counseling, Ministry and Metaphysics.  As Co-founder of the National Ballot Integrity Project and the New Hampshire Ballot Integrity Task Force, Ms. Merel helped knit together a formidable network of citizen patriot activists, officials, organizations, technologists, authors, investigators, candidates, litigators and legislators committed to transparency, accountability, and integrity in America's elections.  During the campaign season, she carried investigative evidence of election irregularities to the Presidential candidates on the campaign trail, to key members of Congress, state officials, and others. 
Sharona has testified before legislative committees, speaks at various events and venues, writes political commentary and inspirational articles, and co-advocates extensively with numerous organizations and individuals on election justice issues.  Ms. Merel is also an award-winning poet, composer and performer.

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"Overview of America's Elections:
An Inspired Vision Off Course - Correcting Our Course."