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Proposed resolution regarding
(An Invitation to Corruption and Fraud)

WHEREAS: The right of each citizen to vote is the ultimate safeguard of
freedom within a system of representative government.

WHEREAS: The right to vote is meaningless unless there is a reliable method
for counting ballots to faithfully reflect the intent of each voter and
for recounting them in the event of a dispute.

WHEREAS: Computer scientists have demonstrated that electronic voting
equipment is inherently subject to programming error,
malfunction, and malicious tampering. Because of these factors,
computerized systems are less reliable than paper and
punch-card ballots. In spite of media focus on occasional
problems with paper systems, they have an excellent record of
reliable performance over many years, particularly for the purpose
of facilitating recounts.

RESOLVED: All voting for public office or issues shall utilize paper ballots as an audit trail and a permanent record of each vote. This shall be required even if the ballots are generated by machine at polling places. To verify accuracy, these ballots must be available for inspection by voters at the time they cast their votes. Furthermore, voters shall have the option of rejecting and replacing their ballots if they do not accurately reflect their choices. Any electronic voting equipment already in use that fails to meet these specifications shall not be used again until modified to do so. Providing a voter-verifiable paper ballot as an audit trail shall be one of the essential requirements for certification of new voting systems.

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The Coalition For Visible Ballots
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Invisible Ballots Home
Everyone should submit this resolution to their organizational meetings for ratification. We will then post the names of the organizations that have adopted it to our site.