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The Coalition for Visible Ballots
The Coalition for Visible Ballots
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Bev Harris
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Bev Harris began writing on the subject of electronic voting machines in October 2002. Her investigative journalism has since  been  cited  in  The New York Times (three times), and  on  CBS, Fox News, and CNN. In writing Black Box Voting, Harris spent over two thousand  hours  researching  voting machines, and  interviewed  hundreds  of  witnesses including many  election  officials  and  even  voting machine programmers  who  work  directly  for the firms that build these machines.  During the course of  writing Black Box Voting, Harris discovered that one of the largest voting machine companies, Diebold Election Systems, had committed a massive security breach, leaving thousands of sensitive voting system program files  on an unprotected Web site.  These  files  have
now  triggered  a national investigation and activism movement to restore clean, trustworthy voting systems
Bev Harris independent investigator and author of Black Box Voting:  Ballot-Tampering  in  the  21st Century