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The Coalition for Visible Ballots
The Coalition for Visible Ballots
Subject: Re: Thursday Tele-seminar - Election Fraud
Election Fraud, Electronic Voting & Rigged Elections
AN INTERVIEW WITH  VICKIE KARP National Chairperson, Coalition for Visible Ballots

The hottest topic in the alternative media right now is election fraud, electronic voting, and the fact that the results of November 2 might have been tampered with.  The mainstream media is also in complete lockdown on this issue, which is proof of how vitally important it is.  In this interview, Vickie Karp, National Chairperson of Coalition for Visible Ballots, will discuss the
mountain of evidence for transgressions in voting procedures across the nation, the fact that the numbers don't appear to add up, and that Americans did not receive a fair count.  Even more importantly, if a system of electronic voting is implemented, as proposed, the accountability of the voting process will be removed from the hands of the people forever, and the door will be open for massive manipulation of all future elections.  Nothing less than the future of our democratic process is at stake. 

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