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The Coalition for Visible Ballots
The Coalition for Visible Ballots
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Watch a clip from the video
The Coalition
The Inside Scoop on Diebold Lawyer Memos From Bev Harris

Computer-voting watchdog Bev Harris is squaring off with federal authorities
Gov Attacks Critic of Electronic Voting by George Howland Jr.

E-voting  NYTimes Today pdf file

Diebold on the run!  Sec. state recommends pulling voting machines (news)

Bill To Outlaw Manual Recounts of Touchscreen votes in Florida
Proposed Bill to Change Florida Recount Law is Unconstitutional

"Campaign for Verifiable Voting in Maryland" SBE Proclaims Itself Above the Law In Response to Citizen Suit on Voting Machines
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Aussies Do It Right: E-Voting

Myth Breakers from


Campaign for Verifiable Voting in Maryland

SBE Proclaims Itself Above the Law in Response to Citizen Suit on Voting Machines

Lawsuits will abound in every key state
-Ellen Theisen from Intervention Magazine By Elaine Kitchel

Preliminary report vote testing Riverside Vote Test

Bev and Hugh Thompson clearly demonstrated her latest bombshell finding...
Read what happened here - Aug. 19, 2004

Election Protection Volunteer ACT NOW!

Rice Computer Expert Dr. Dan Wallach Counters Texas Secretary of State
Conner's Claims That Texas Electronic Voting Systems in 13 Counties Are Safe - July 20, 2004               
Statement from Secretary of State Geoff Connor regarding call for decertification and there is a link at the bottom to something they call a "fact" sheet Secretary of State Geoff Connor July 13, 2004

Debate slows adoption of electronic voting systems American Statesman - June 13, 2004

Mark Fiore Animation

Malfeasance of Diebold Equal to That of Enron Bev Harris Report - April 26, 2004

Verified Voting Foundation Holds Mock Election Illusrtates problems with electronic voting machines
All MD Diebold Machines on Lockdown

Thursday, Vickie's Tele-seminar - Election Fraud

Elections & Electronic Voting

NEW HAT IN THE RING FOR 2008  ALREADY! By Vickie Karp Austin, Texas  May 5, 2005

State Election Office Contact List                   

For up to the minute updates on what's happening,  click here. BradsBlog is doing a great job!
Watch a clip of the video of Clint Curtis testimony.

Fight for Democracy Rally Saturday, December 4, 2004

If you had any problem voting, call 1-866-OUR-VOTE for help. Tell everyone.

Election officials work on making changes 2/9/05

GOP Consultant Sentenced in Phone Jamming 2/8/05 (Article has been removed),1280,-4786839,00.html

Elections officials protest tight deadline 2/8/05 (Article has been removed)

Judge Rules There Will Be No Revote February 4, 2005

Cobb and Badnarik File Memorandum of Law in Recount Case 2/5/05


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