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The Coalition for Visible Ballots
The Coalition for Visible Ballots
"The ROADWomen group have been very proactive in gathering information about the electronic voting machine fiasco, and had already had a comprehensive presentation last year by Pokey Anderson and Dr. Dan Wallach of Rice University (co-author of the Johns Hopkins/Rice study on the Diebold election software).

Vickie spoke of the many incidents of likely vote fraud in the November election, with particular emphasis on the fiascos in Ohio; she gave deeper background on the subject of vote fraud by detailing parts of the book entitled, 'Votescam - The Stealing of America', by Ken and Jim Collier; and gave her startling convictions about just how far back, how deep, and how high up vote fraud actually goes in this country.   

Pokey Anderson spoke this time around about the fact that more Americans are waking up to the vote fraud problem because of the efforts of e-voting activists and speakers; she addressed the problematic secrecy issue surrounding the election software; and described the huge impact that the 'flipping' of just a few votes here and there could have on election results.

Max Beauregard gave a comprehensive look at the statistical data for Harris County (Houston) as well as nationally, regarding the November election.  He used a graphic to show the general misunderstanding of the turnout of the election that is referred to as a "mandate" for Bush, but that when the electoral vote is used to "morph" the United States map, instead of using traditional state boundaries, the country is fairly evenly divided between blue (Democratic) and red (Republican).  "