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Bev Harris of Black Box Voting is now organizing volunteers nationwide for the purpose of filing public records information requests of county election officials to get this type of information:  1.  What type of voting equipment are you using?  2. What are the version numbers of the software?  3.  Where is the log book showing who has access to the Central Tabulator and who has signed in to the logbook (Central tabulator: where optical scan counters or touchscreens are used) 4.  When is the last time you changed the password to the Central Tabulator software?  and 5.  Who has the password?

These types of questions, once answered on the record, can lay groundwork to closely scrutinize counties with questionable security practices.  This will also help determine which counties need to be most closely monitored for election "anomalies" on November 2nd.  Specific instructions for monitoring activities will also soon be detailed on the BBV websites.

So in addition to having "House Parties" to show the Invisible Ballots DVD to inform yet more people of the impending crisis with electronic voting machines, please consider volunteering for Bev's "Cleanup Crew" and begin building the database of information from county election officials that can help create important data for the near future, as well as signing on to be an "election monitor".

Any of our website visitors who want to get involved with this important pre-election "pre-emptive information request" activity can log onto and volunteer for BBV's "Cleanup Crew".  Directions are there on how to proceed.

Thanks for all you are doing,


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